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Safety and Storage Cabinets

Justrite's safety cabinets are designed to store flammable liquids, corrosives, pesticides and other hazardous materials. Safety cabinets by Justrite are designed to meet fire codes and safety regulations. Safely store flammable liquids in fire resistant safety cabinets to reduce the risk of a damaging fire in your workplace.

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Safety Cans and Containers

Justrite safety cans and containers offer safe storage for flammable liquids for workplace environments. With Justrite's safety cans, accidents and fire risks are minimized, protecting people and resulting in a safer workplace. Safety cans and containers by Justrite are designed with safety codes in mind to meet a variety of different safety regulations.

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Outdoor Safety Lockers

Outdoor safety lockers promote safe storage, handling, and disposal practices that minimize contamination of hazardous chemicals, while reducing worker exposure to hazards and injuries. Proper chemical storage not only reduces poison risks, fires, chemical spills or other accidents that affect our environment and communities, but also prevents costly fines. Insurance carriers require safe chemical storage practices to be put into place before granting or renewing policies.

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Smoking Receptacles

Enhance your business image and keep your property free of unsightly cigarette butts. Self-extinguishing design safely collects unsightly cigarette litter and reduces the risk of fire.

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Drum Funnels and Equipment

Safer technology for drum storage and dispensing become a reality with Justrite’s popular safety funnels and other drum accessories. Our FM-approved drum faucets, with an internal flame arrester, and our FM-approved drum vents that offer pressure relief, safeguard against explosion. What else would you expect from the maker of the world’s most widely used and trusted safety containment systems?

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Spill Control and Environmental

Hazardous leaks and spills are a relentless challenge. A minor fall accident as a result of a slippery floor averages $5,000 on the low side, and can quickly escalate to $40,000 for more severe lost-time accidents. EPA fines for contamination of the environment can be staggering. By using Justrite spill control products before a spill happens, accidents and costly fines can be easily avoided.

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Expert Info

Put our 100+ years of experience to work for you to improve your overall safety program. Expert Info is packed with valuable information that helps protect workers and the environment, reduces fire risks, and improves productivity. Check out these resources.

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Worker Safety is Our Priority

Even before there was OSHA, there was Justrite. Concern for worker safety dates back to the early 1900’s, when Justrite introduced the first safety can designed to safely store and pour flammable liquids. Gasoline, chemicals, solvents, and a variety of hazardous liquids help in the operation of many manufacturing facilities and maintenance areas across a wide span of industries. Virtually every place of business has occasion to use flammable or combustible liquids. Whereas hazardous materials are needed to run a business, they might also present catastrophic problems if not handled and stored properly. A simple spark can create a fire which can rage through a building in no time…injuring people, destroying assets, and threatening the very existence of your business.

That’s where Justrite can help you… BEFORE a fire starts! Popular safety cans and Sure-Grip® EX cabinets safely store hazardous liquids and are specifically designed to reduce the risk of fire. Not only do they help protect your people and workplace, they also improve productivity and reduce insurance rates. And you can be assured of complying with the law … Justrite products meet OSHA regulations and the National Fire Protection Association standards, and many have been independently tested and approved by FM Global and Underwriters Laboratories. But more than compliance to workplace laws, it’s really all about safety for our people – everything has to be Justrite. That’s why we offer a free consultative survey known as STUD-E for the STORAGE, TRANSFER, USE, DISPOSAL, and Evaluation of flammable liquid handling. To learn more and sign up, simply click below.

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